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Compressor Maintenance Services

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Compressor Maintenance Services: 'Laxmi Airmech' has highly trained and experienced personnel who are capable of
Overhauling / Servicing all types of Air/Gas, Lubricated/Non-Lubricated Compressors.

We also offer Annual Maintenance Contracts.

Our Services are 365/24/7.

Just give us a call on 91-9826614445 and we'll be there at your doorstep.

More Services

Shree Laxmi Engineering Company

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Electronic Head Seat Cutting Machine

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Head Seats are electronically cut by compressor run machine we are the only company that deliver this operation on this machine in M.P

Block Honing Hydraulic Machine

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Is a hydraulic operated machine in which Cylinder block honing and polishing is done.

Block Boring

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We execute block boring and block sleeving from size ranging in breath sizes 1.25 inch/31.75mm to 11 inches/280 mm and length of the block depends from job to job.

Main Line checking Machine

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Cylinder ball bearing alignment can be checked and mended if not in alignment
The basic is an electric motor drives the engine so the service time is doubled than a combustion engine as the basic task is divided into two operational units.

Lathe Machine

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As it is rightly said "Lathe is the mother of all machines" these are some of the following operations that are done on the machine in regard to compressors

  1. Turning
  2. Threading
  3. Keyway
  4. Milling
  5. Facing
  6. Knurling
  7. Drilling
  8. Threading
  9. Parting
  10. Facing
  11. Boring

Crankshaft Grinding

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Any crank can be reconditioned at our service unit at Indore.

MICO authorised Pump

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Fuel infection pump are reconditioned and Nozzles are reconditioned

Tunet Machine

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As it is a four way machine so the alignment can be checked on the machine itself
Jobs Performed: - Connecting Rod Reboring
Connecting Rod Bush Fitting and rammering.

On site block boing

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Same operation as stated above but service can be done on site in the time of an emergency

Surface grinder

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Surface Facing is the main function of the surface grinder as these operations are done

1) Head Value Plate Face
  • A) Plate Type
  • B) Finger Type